What is stiction?

"Stiction is the static friction that needs to be overcome to enable relative motion of stationary objects in contact." - Wikipedia.org

The automotive industry has an issue with stiction in diesel fuel injectors, like the ones found in Ford's 6.0L and 7.3L PowerStroke engines. Where they start to experience static friction and fail to operate in proper time, this has become known as a "Stiction" issue for these engines. The stiction issue happens no matter what the temperature outside is, but tends to be amplified with colder temperatures and can make fuel injection systems fail to operate properly, causing numerous problems such as hard cold starts, excessive fuel usage, loss of power and even engine failure.

There are many ways to releave stiction, such as using a lighter weight oil, cleaning the injectors, or replacing the injectors. But these are still only a temporary solution to the problem. There has only been one product that has consistently proven time and time again to be the Stiction Fix, and that is REV-X Oil Additive.

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"it's not just for oil, it can be added to nearly any lubricant, oil, power steering, differentials, manual transmissions-but not ATF fluid."

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For years, every time the weather turned cold, Tim Scherer's 6.0L Power Stroke would start to act like a spoiled child who didn't want to do something. First starts of the day were greeted by kicking, romping, and shuttering-sometimes to the point where it seemed something was internally awry. The Ford factory recognized this problem and actually came out with a Technical Service Bulletin that called for changing the oil to a thinner weight. The 6.0L injector is sensitive to changes in oil, no doubt. "However," Tim said, "after more and more people started coming up with the same issues, I started to think there has got to be something out there to help."

The issue became known as "stiction," or more commonly in the 6.0L community as the "cold-start issue." Once the truck sat for an extended period in cold temperatures (not much lower than 50 degrees), the truck ran horrible until it warmed the oil up to normal operating temperatures. Now, everyone who has been around a diesel knows you don't just jump in, fire it up, and drive off when it's cold out. That is just plain bad for the injectors. For Tim, normal procedures in the mornings were to start the truck and let it idle for up to 15 minutes before he got in. That wasn't such a big deal to him, except he lives in a quiet neighborhood, and many times he leaves the house at 4 or 5 a.m. With a modified truck and exhaust, that made him a very bad neighbor-not to mention all the diesel fuel he was wasting.

We'll let the story continue in Tim's words.

"I read a few blurbs about a product that had been around a while on Competitiondiesel.com and Powerstrokenation.com called Rev-X. My initial reaction (like most) was, 'snake oil'! but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I called Dan Wilson, President and CEO of Rev-X products, to get the scoop. I told Dan I was one of the admins on Competitiondiesel.com. We talked at length about his products, specifically the Rev-X lubricant additive (it's not just for oil, it can be added to nearly any lubricant, oil, power steering, differentials, manual transmissions-but not ATF fluid). I was still very skeptical and was blunt. I told Dan that I would like to try it in my own truck and report the results on CompD. He not only agreed, he went a step further. He told me he would supply enough for 10 6.0L Power Stroke trucks as long as all of them were having cold-start issues. All he asked was that all of the participants report back the results. That was confidence! I warned him that the guys on our site were brutal at times. He was unfazed and unwavering in his confidence. We set up the deal and I chose myself and nine other truck owners, ranging from Florida to Alaska and Canada. Long story short, all 10 reported back a 100-percent reduction in stiction and cold-start issues, as well as finding a much smoother running engine, more efficient spooling of the turbo, and a host of other benefits. That was more than I expected by far. These guys were not just anybody-they had credibility. I was a skeptic no more, and a customer for life."

Tim Scherer is an admin at competitiondiesel.com, and he found a product he really believes in.

He's subjected Rev-X to testing with some of the most opinionated guys you can imagine. Fast-forward six months and Rev-X became a sponsor for Deranged (Tim's diesel-powered drag racing Ranger pickup). Soon after, Tim started www.Derangedperformance.com and added Rev-X as one of his products. Who knew Tim would become Rev-X's largest diesel additive dealer. "How does it work?" Tim asked rhetorically. "Pour it into whatever lubricating fluid you're using. The science is pretty cool. It creates a bi-polarity between the surface and the fluid and attracts the lubricating fluid to the surface creating a thicker coating of oil. It is activated by friction. The higher the friction, the thicker the coating. The company's official website, with all the info you could want, is: www.revxoil.com."

Right after Tim became a dealer, he did another test on other types of engines.

"We chose 20 trucks: 10 Power Strokes and 10 Cummins (a mix of 12-valves, 24-valves, and common-rails), a VW TDI, and a few Duramaxes. We knew it worked well with the 6.0L, but we wanted to find out what it did in the others. Everyone who has tried it has reported back a very noticeable improvement in the way his or her diesel runs. Not a single person-not one-has reported anything negative or inconclusive. Every single engine has benefited. That's amazing for 'snake oil!'"

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